Commonsense is what people are used to and what they think is the norm. It’s what they had become accustomed to. These ideas give us a sense of comfort. An example of this is when Kumashiro talks about how it took time to get used to how they did things “It took time to change how I thought about meals, water, time, privacy and other aspects of daily life in Nepal.” This is because it is different from what he’s grown up learning and experiencing.

It is important to pay attention to commonsense because it is difficult to recognize. Commonsense creates a sense of belonging and it can be hard to come into a new situation if you are unfamiliar with their ways of doing things. We often don’t question certain practices and perspectives because it is what we’ve been taught and always fall back on. Kumashiro mentions that perspectives that challenge common sense are often dismissed as being irrelevant or inappropriate. It is easy to get lost in commonsensical ideas and we then struggle to think outside of these ideas.

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