Community Involvement

Swim 4 All

Swim 4 all is a program run through the Weyburn swimming pool where volunteers are paired with children with disabilities. For the past 2 summers I have been paired with an autistic boy who is now 6 years old. We would meet at the pool twice a week and I work with him in the water to become more comfortable and to learn the basics of swimming.

Weyburn Humane Society                                                                                                               

I am an animal lover and spend a lot of time at the human society walking dogs, cleaning cages, and playing with the animals.

Functionally Integrated Program (FIP)  FullSizeRender (8)                                            

FIP is a program in my high school for students aged 15-23 who had disabilities and struggled in a regular classroom setting. I spent an hour everyday working with the students and helping them with both academic and social skills. We also went on a couple outings to places such as the swimming pool or Dairy Queen.